#Friday56 & #BookBeginnings: MaddAddam

The Story of the Egg, and of Oryx and Crake, and how they made People and Animals; and of the Chaos; and of Snowman-the-Jimmy; and of the Smelly Bone and the Coming of the Two Bad Men.

- p. 3
Zeb was lost. He sat down under a tree.
Or not lost completely.
- p. 56 

About Maddaddam (Maddaddam #3) by Margaret Atwood*:In this final volume of the internationally celebrated MaddAddam trilogy, the Waterless Flood has wiped out most of the population. Toby is part of a small band of survivors, along with the Children of Crake: the gentle, bioengineered quasi-human species who will inherit this new earth.

As Toby explains their origins to the curious Crakers, her tales coheres into a luminous oral history that sets down humanity's past--and points toward its future. Blending action, humor, romance, and an imagination at once dazzlingly inventive and grounded in a recognizable world, MaddAddam is vintage Atwood--a moving and dramatic conclusion to her epic work of speculative fiction.


Apparently I am ready. Last week, I featured The Year of the Flood which is book 2 of the MaddAddam Trilogy. Here's the third book ... I really need to keep going! (Sidenote: I read Oryx and Crake 8 years ago).

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