Happy un-birthday! Get all leggy with all Alice in Wonderland!

  • Saturday, November 12, 2016

The chill is here, but it shouldn't send you down the rabbit hole, because you've got these Alice in Wonderland themed socks and tights. Here are my top picks:

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Straight up classic Alice socks by Literary Emporium*

Careful if you see people staring at your legs. They may just be catching up on their reading! Get these from TightsShop*

ArtDunkees* made these funky surreal Alice themed socks. How appropriate!

These rubber-stamped Alice-themed designs do make for ElectricDreams!*

VioletFaneShop* puts forth a leg of whimsy with these uber cute and colourful Alice tights. Tea please, it's my Un-Birthday today!

Which pair is your fave? Sound off below!

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