#Friday56 and #BookBeginnings: The Reptile Room by #LemonySnicket

The stretch of road that leads out of the city, past Hazy Harbor and into the town of Tedia, is perhaps the most unpleasant in the world. It is called Lousy Lane. 
- p. 1

For Friday 56:
And Sunny tried to bite rope, but she had a cold chill of fear running through her teeth and she soon gave up. She didn't even feel like playing with the Incredibly Deadly Viper.- p. 56

About The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 2)*: 
Dear Reader,

If you have picked up this book with the hope of finding a simple and cheery tale, I'm afraid you have picked up the wrong book altogether. The story may seem cheery at first, when the Baudelaire children spend time in the company of some interesting reptiles and a giddy uncle, but don't be fooled. If you know anything at all about the unlucky Baudelaire children, you already know that even pleasant events lead down the same road to misery.

In fact, within the pages you now hold in your hands, the three siblings endure a car accident, a terrible odor, a deadly serpent, a long knife, a large brass reading lamp, and the appearance of a person they'd hoped never to see again.

I am bound to record these tragic events, but you are free to put this book back on the shelf and seek something lighter.

With all due respect,

Lemony Snicket


No secret that I'm rereading A Series of Unfortunate Events (I've had a bit of a breather and stuck at book 4). In the meantime, here's book 2 which features all things snakes and Uncle Monty. I think The Incredibly Deadly Viper is adorbs.

I also really like Uncle Monty and fully believe that he's a nod to Monty Python's Flying Circus. Yeah?

Who's your fave character in this book?

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