#Friday56 & #BookBeginnings: The Wide Window #ASOUE

If you didn't know much about the Baudelaire orphans, and you saw them sitting on their suitcases on Damocles docks,  you might think they were bound for an exciting adventure.
- p. 1

For Friday 56:
"I've had enough of this nonsense," Aunt Josephine said. "[..] I can't believe you're disagreeing with a man who has eye problems."
"I have eye problems," Klaus said,  pointing to his glasses"and you're disagreeing with me."
- p. 56

About The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events Book 3):

Dear Reader,

If you have not read anything about the Baudelaire orphans, then before you read even one more sentence, you should know this: Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are kindhearted and quick-witted; but their lives, I am sorry to say, are filled with bad luck and misery. All of the stories about these three children are unhappy and wretched, and this one may be the worst of them all. If you haven't got the stomach for a story that includes a hurricane, a signalling device, hungry leeches, cold cucumber soup, a horrible villain, and a doll named Pretty Penny, then this book will probably fill you with despair. I will continue to record these tragic tales, for that is what I do. You, however, should decide for yourself whether you can possibly endure this miserable story.

With all due respect,
Lemony Snicket


I've been revisiting my The Series of Unfortunate Events books in the midst of other serious reading. I read this right after a Garcia Marquez for my April reading challenge Where in the world will your Nobel take you? which combines Nobels, travel, and reading!

This is a children's series and it's a respite from thick tomes. And like the others in the series, I can only snicker at the Friday 56.  This series is full of little tongue-in-cheek moments like this. My mom would have a fit - not unlike Aunt Josephine - if I responded to her like Klaus did.

I have heard mixed reviews of this series. I am more the "relax, don't take it so seriously folks" kind.

What do you think of this type of humor? 

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