#Friday56 & #BookBeginnings: Murder in Three Acts

Mr. Satterthwaite sat on the terrace of Crow's Nest and watched his host, Mr. Cartwright, climbing up from the path from the sea.
- p. 11

For Friday 56:
"Aha!" Poirot put immense meaning in the exclamation.
- p. 56

About Murder in Three Acts by Agatha Christie* (also entitled Three Act Tragedy):A cocktail party ends in murder, but who did it? Why? And for that matter, how? No real cause of death has been established. It's a real baffler and it's prompting Hercule Poirot to ask another question...who's next?

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I just love old books and have been coming across them in thrift stores quite a bit. In fact this Agatha Christie was found with these others. I couldn't resist snapping them up!

Do you like Agatha Christie? Which of her books is your fave?

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