Bloggiesta Masterlist

Things to Do

Regular Clean-up for each Bloggiesta:

Back up my blog.
Get up-to-date with my reviews.
Update my Book Map with old and recent reads.
Clean up wonky posts.
Read new Bloggiesta posts.
Join mini-challenges that I think are fun and useful.

Host a mini-challenge.
Host a giveaway.
Check out the Twitter feed for #bloggiesta and participate in at least one Twitter chat.

Check out some new templates. Dec 2016 - new by Maira Gall!
Rethink my tags for Lots of Bookishness.
Fix my Bloglovin feed.  3/28/2015 - I think it's fixed!
Delete unsubstantial old posts.
Remove anything hotlinked (sorry, I used to do this before, I didn't know any better!)

Things I just want to do:
Study / fix up my Mail Chimp subscription

7 Mailchimp Hacks
Giving subscribers other options

Let subscribers control how often they hear from you

Mini Challenges I want to do:
How to get the most out of reading challenges
Create my own 50 Bookish Things list

Valuable Resources

Just a collection of links that I find useful! These include anything that I've used or plan to use to help me achieve my challenge goals.

Creative Market: Think outside the box and 10 other idea killers

Blogger Widgets
How to to make widgets sticky
Is your blog's footer working for you?

Categories and Tags
Amy Lynn Andrews: The difference between categories and tags
Book Bumblings: Categories vs. tags
Book Bumblings: Clean up your post tags
Elembee: Clean up your categories

Email Management 
8 Tips for Email Management

Asian Efficiency: 4 ways to write better emails
Don't drown in email! How to use Gmail efficiently
Sarah Wilson: My favourite ways to have people leave me alone, via email
Regain control over your inbox with these 5 tips for managing Gmail
Nozegraze: Setting Up Gmail Filters to Organize Your Emails
5 Tricks to finally achieve inbox zero
Recover your email sanity with these 11 inbox organization tools

Email Lists
A complete guide to set up your email list
How to deliver blog posts via email for your blog
5 don'ts for your email list
13 examples of email design
Why I changed my email newsletter

Social Media
13 things not to do on Facebook
8 social media marketing tools that every blogger needs

Why traffic doesn't always matter

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The secret to brand blogger relations
40 Free Courses
12 Tools for Marketing

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