Hardbound Agatha Christie's for a steal!

  • Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yesterday and today is giveaway weekend here in Winnipeg, and I've come home with some lovelies in my past curb hopping for books.

But yesterday, I chanced upon a quaint little house a few blocks away. An old lady - with wonderful old-world music playing in the background - was having a yard sale. And being slightly disappointed at the "junk" I had come across so far, I popped in. I was rewarded with a box of beautifully kept books. I did a quick sweep of everything and had to go back to those books!

I nonchalantly asked how much books were and when she says 25 cents, I just about did my happy dance. So I swoop over to the box and gather up all four of the hardbound Agatha Christies and hand over my payment.

The smiling old lady says, "So you like Agatha Christie?" and I couldn't contain myself and said "Oh, I love her! I grew up on her!" And she starts regaling Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, and we have a fellow Christie-lovers' reminisce-fest.

Can't you spot book lovers a mile away!?

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