Friday 56 & Book Beginnings: Keeping Score

Keeping Score: A Guide to Love and Relationships by Marc Brackett

Keeping Score is a common sense approach to relationship evaluation intertwined with grade school math. 
- p. 1

For Friday 56:
What is the condition of your partner's tail end? How do your partner's "assets" compare with your preference in this area. Some like a tight end, others like some junk in the trunk. To each his own. How's the scenery from your viewpoint?
- p. 56

Synopsis of Keeping Score by Marc Brackett: It's a relationship book even a man can understand. Keeping Score provides a relationship evaluation quiz followed by a common sense guide for relationship improvement, all with a humorous twist. You can determine if your relationship has the qualities it takes for a successful marriage and lasting love affair. If you're single, read this book to see how well your potential life partner measures up. If you're married, read this book to reduce conflict and increase your happiness. Take control and shape your union into a relationship that will stand the trials of life and go the distance.
With a Friday 56 like that, you can see why I think this is going to be a fun read! And I absolutely LOVE that first line in the synopsis. Ironically, this is written by a man, which I think is a little genius -- get the ladies on your side while poking fun at his fellow guys.

It's getting cold in my part of the world so a good cuddle will go a long way. Who knows, this book may just help me out in that department! :)

Happy Friday! And for those in Canada, have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


  1. I like the scenery just fine! LOL

  2. hi Aloi! this sounds like a good read especially because it's written by a male author. thanks for sharing and have a great weekend ahead!

  3. Sounds like an interesting book! I love quizs and relationship evaluation quiz sounds fun!

    1. i browsed thru the book and i just kept laughing at the questions!

  4. Ha! I love the 56. ;)
    I'm a junk fan.
    But then I'm a Latina so we are known for having plenty of that and appreciating it.

  5. What a great description and the pg. 56 is funny. This sound like a delightful read. The Thailand pics are ones from my daughter 's trip; so beautiful!

  6. This definitely sounds like a fun read! Enjoy!

  7. I do know what scenery I like. Interesting choice.


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