Friday 56 & #BookBeginnings: It's Nothing Personal

It's Nothing Personal by Sherry Gorman MD Paperback | Kindle Edition

Dr. Jenna Reiner's Land rover fishtailed as she turned into the parking lot of St. Augustine Hospital, nearly striking a cement post. Inside the relative safety of the parking garage, she felt relieved to have finally escaped the icy roads. Little did Jenna know, things would have been simpler if she would have had the good fortune to slide off the road and into a ditch on her drive to the city. - p. 1

For Friday 56:
Her new reality consisted of a world where the operating room was no longer safe, and the staff could not be trusted. - p. 56 

Synopsis of It's Nothing Personal: Anesthesiologist, Dr. Jenna Reiner, was blindsided on a January morning by an incident that would forever change her life. A scrub technician at her hospital was stealing narcotics from anesthesiologists, injecting those same narcotics into her veins, and returning the contaminated syringes, knowing they would be used on patients. The scrub tech was infected with hepatitis C, a deadly virus. Unknowingly, anesthesiologists at St. Augustine Hospital were injecting their patients with hepatitis C laden syringes. When Dr. Jenna Reiner administered anesthesia, she was holding a murder weapon in her hands. Dr. Reiner was about to find out that not only was her hospital at risk, but her entire life was about to be turned upside down. 
A scrub tech’s addiction evolves into a public health scare, potentially affecting thousands. Unfortunately, on that fateful day, Dr. Reiner and her patient fell victim to an addict. The ensuing medical malpractice suit filed by Allison Anders, a ruthless attorney, becomes a battle for survival for Jenna and her family. For Dr. Reiner, the lawsuit is personal. Jenna Reiner faces more demons than she thought imaginable as she fights against greed, brutality, accusations, and a corrupt legal system. Will Dr. Reiner prevail? 
Or will the system win? Inspired by true events, It's Nothing Personal is a story of endurance and pain beyond imagination.
In these circumstances, if someone were to placate me with the words "it's nothing personal," I would probably fly in a rage! I recently finished this book and got extremely engrossed in the personal impacts of litigation. Whew, this is heavy stuff. I'll be putting up my review soon!

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