PS, I Love You by Cecilia Ahern

This is my first book review attempting to use Nylusmilk's KISS format. My reviews have been suffering because I like to write long-winded essays. I'm pulling all my half-finished drafts out now ... :)

The book in one sentence: Young widow Holly relearns to love life and heal after the devastating death of husband Gerry, through a year's worth of monthly directives from her dead husband.

Who would you recommend it to: Those who like chick lit, though if you're married or have a significant other, this is really quite depressing.

OK bits: The anticipation of finding out what's in the letters. Though this got old after a few month's worth of letters. There's a lot of fun mindless stuff like Bridget Jones (hey, even Holly's bestfriend's name is Sharon) but Bridget still gets my vote.

Boring bits: Ahern has a roundabout way of saying things, and pays so much attention to detail ... Holly's lower lip trembled, Holly held her head in her hands and groaned, Holly this Holly that. It got onto my nerves after a while so I skipped whole paragraphs just to get to the end.

Verdict: Sappy, trite. The concept held promise but reading it felt like stumbling through an embarrassing high school essay. I doubt I'll ever pick up another Ahern book. Ever.

That this will become a movie (with Hilary Swank no less - wait I thought Holly was blonde?) doesn't exactly have me jumping up and down.

N.B. I actually mooched this for a friend who adores Cecilia Ahern and read this before giving to her! Unfortunately we don't share the same taste for books.

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