Becoming Strangers by Louise Dean

Synopsis of Becoming Strangers by Louise Dean: After more than half a century of marriage, Dorothy and George are embarking on their first journey abroad together. Three decades younger, Jan and Annemieke are taking the last in their tumultuous union. At first the luxury of a Caribbean resort is no match for the habits of domestic life. Then the couples’ paths cross, and a series of surprises ensues—a disappearance and an assault, most dramatically, but also a teapot tempest of passions, slights, misunder­standings, and small awakenings that punctuate a week in which each pair struggles to come to terms with what’s been keeping them apart.

Becoming Strangers is a different kind of love story—bitter­sweet, bitingly funny, and ultimately redeeming.

My two cents

What we feel may be shocking as our secret and personal tragedies, may in fact just be what life is all about.

This is one of the saddest stories I have ever read - of lives colliding in a Caribbean holiday - a terminally ill man and his sex-minded wife, an elderly couple in their 80s on one of their first holidays, a so-called Christian man, and a beautiful Chinese woman with a sad story of her own.

Read this with an open mind and reserve your judgements. Because this is the only way we can live our lives sanely.

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