And the winners are ...

  • Monday, March 01, 2010

No, I haven't forgotten about this. I got to 14 followers, not bad at all! Maybe 50 was a bit much! Thanks so much everyone, and hoping that I do reach 50 eventually. (Must remind myself to blog more regularly! Life has an amazing ability to get in the way of blogging, don't you think?)

And without much ado, the winners of those Bookmooch points, c/o of are:

Bobbie Sea gets 5 whopping points!
Ruby 3 points!
Welski, Rise and Andy get 1 point each!

I'll be saving my remaining points for a second draw! Congratulations winners! Please leave me a message here with your Bookmooch ID so I can get those point off to 'ya and you can get those books you've been itching mooch!


  1. thank you very much aloi :) my bm username is andyboi :)

  2. oh wow! I am speechless! My UN on there is bobbiekinscreations I am new there and have been getting my books together to add lol. I am sorry you did not get your 50 followers. I have a new book blog and have only gotten 12 so far. my aim is 20 but I am beginning to wonder. Thank you again:)

  3. am i ruby2? lol.

    if so, im rubs917 in bookmooch :)

    thank you sooooo much! :D

  4. Thanks, Aloi! Great contest. I'm pretty sure you'll eventually reach your target following and even surpass it.


  5. ok guys, i've done some major power smooching! hope you got them without too much slobber ;P

  6. wow!!! i actually won! woohooo!! thanks aloi! :)

    More power to your blog. Makes me want to resurrect my blogsite too ^_^

    oh and my BM id is welski :)

  7. welski, gave u your point! happy mooching :) (and i do hope you resurrect your blog! :))

  8. i will, you inspire me :) it's just that's (where my blogsite is)tools are not user/blogger friendly and i'm having a hard time. :(


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