Friday link love

The week flew by, and it's Friday once again. And you know what that means ... it's time for the Book Blogger Hop! Last week, I visited about 10 blogs, left a message and quite a few reciprocated! Thanks to my new visitors, my followers have upped to 25! And take a look at my blogroll, it's getting there ...

The Great Unsung YA 2010 Giveaway

Are you a lover of Young Adult Literature? Well, here's some great news over at YAnnabe. Ten copies of some of the most obscure but incredible young adult books will be given away! It's easy to join. And I just discovered another great resource for YA books too! 

If Literature Map isn't rocking your boat, you can try Book Seer which also suggests new books you may want to read based on Amazon and LibraryThing. Errr, anyone know who that man is?

Search & Win
I'm up to 270 swagbucks, halfway there to a free gift certificate! Not bad for a week's worth of clicking. And I just found out that Fridays are a special giveaway time of swagbucks. What the heck is swagbucks? Go find out!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Stopping in to say HI on the friday book blog hop! I'm #94 Scraps of Life I'm following you here and twitter! susieqtpies

  2. Hey, I'm stopping by from the Book Blog Hop as well!

    Yay for Swagbucks and YAY for Book Seer, if I had hours to spend on that site, I totally would spend them on there, lol.

  3. Hi, I'm stipping by from the Book Blog Hope as well! I'm a huge Swagbucks fan, I spend way too much time doing searches and looking for codes! I had enough to get my first free book on Amazon earlier this month and it feels good to be able to buy books guilt-free!

  4. Thanks for helping to spread the word about the Unsung YA books! :)

  5. Found you through the hop -- nice blog! :)

  6. Hola! Another book blog hopper here :) Thanks for linking to unsung YA stuff, they deserve more attention :)

  7. Thanks for hopping over for the blog hop! Til next week! :)


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