The essence of ... books?

Funny! E-books got you nostalgic for the smell of books? No worries, check out the "aromas" that Smell of Books offers: 
  • Crunchy Bacon (I don't have books that smell of bacon?!) - marketed to the "health conscious book lover"
  • Scent of Sensibility - which claims "It’s like living in a Jane Austen novel!"
  • Eau, You have Cats! - "It’s just like borrowing a book from grandma’s house.
  • New Book Smell - which smells like, well, a new book
  • Or.... Classic Musty Smell - "Your e-book reader may be new and made of plastic, but now your e-books can smell like vintage classics"
While I love the smell of books, both new and old, I think I'll get my high the old-fashioned way! A-choo!


  1. Haha, is this a joke? I know they actually have "new car smell" in a can, but I've never heard of this!

    from Une Parole

  2. Too awesome! I too am a bit confused over the bacon scent, but am intrigued as bacon smells good so I can only imagine that books that smell like bacon are special. Found your blog thru the Book Blog Hop. I can sympathize with the lack of followers! lol

    Kate- The Midnight Book Girl-

  3. Emidy, I thought it was at first. Not. I wonder who actually shells out 10 bucks for a can of this stuff!

    Kate, aha, so you'd buy the bacon can? :P Thanks for popping over, its Friday once again!

  4. Found you via the Blog Hop & am now following!

  5. Oh my word, lol! That's pretty odd :o


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