Thank you! An award!

  • Sunday, August 08, 2010

Yay, I just got an award! Thanks to Booksploring and PapeRDoll, I am now the proud owner of this award. Thank you ladies, it's an honour!

And in the spirit of sharing the love, here's how this award works:
  • Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason! (In no particular order...)
  • Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.
Now, 7 things about mois ...
  • I loooove sticky rice. 
  • I have a penchant for anything pink and/or kawaii.
  • I enjoy painting my nails weird colours. 
  • My first and foremost vice is .... sleep!
  • But wait, my first vice is neck and neck with ... eating!
  • I look younger than my real age (at least that's what people say)
  • And ... I am chocoholic. Bring it on!
And now, the award is passed on to:
 Thanks to you, the blogosphere is a better read!


  1. Thank you so much for the award! :)

  2. hi, aloi! thanks for the award. i'll see about spreading this award around.

  3. Congratulations on your award!

    I found you via Blog Hop. I am a new follower. I'd love to have you stop by and visit my blog, if you get a chance.

  4. hi aloi! thanks for the award. :)

  5. Wowee, thanks aloi! I would like to thank my director, my co-actors, and the staff and crew. Also to my publicist, my talent manager, and acting coach. Hee-hee.

  6. Wow! Thanks for the award, aloi! Will do my best to pass this around soon.:)

  7. Thanks, Aloi! :D
    I'm just discovering how fun it is to receive awards like this. Hehe

  8. Thanks for the award! I just discovered your blog too.

  9. Congrats on the award! Booksploring gave one to me as well, and I found you and became a follower :) I also want to tell you I share your love for sticky rice!

  10. thanks everyone for being such great sports!

  11. *in tears waving to the crowd*

    Such an honor, Aloi. :) Thanks!

    And now, I better start blogging again.


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