Harry Potter fans, prepare to drool! Hermione's time-turner!

Are you a Harry Potter fan? My daughter practically grew up on Harry Potter! So, aside from her hardbound Harry Potter books (note, the US edition with Mary Grandpre's wonderful illustrations) she has quite a few things in her collection. Like a piece of wood which looks like a wand. And now this:

Yes, it's Hermione's time-turner! When not transporting my daughter back to much-loved babyhood (well, ok, in my mind), it's a neat looking necklace and definitely a conversation piece. The three rings actually move around and in the middle you have a real sand hourglass. (Ok, the chain seems to be metal, but the rings are a resin. Sturdy yes, but still a pretty nifty toy). The cool markings on the two larger rings say in old script:
I mark the hours every one  
Nor have I yet outrun the sun
My use and value unto you
Are gauged by what you have to do 

The time-turner came in this little box, and with a toy this cool, those exclusive stickers were just a bonus! 

[Check it out at Book Depository (we bought it on sale for 6 bucks, inclusive of shipping and taxes.)]


  1. My sister got me one of these. I have to admit that I'm not impressed by the quality (well, what can you expect from that price). Apparently there is a significantly more expensive metal version available for purchase (maybe from Museum Replicas?).

  2. I'd probably get one of those expensive ones for me :) But for the little one, she is thrilled. I think the all-metal ones are in the $40 range.


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