Harry Potter, please don't end

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I picked up the very first book of Harry Potter in 1998. A new mom at the time, it was fun reading for those times when I was awake, in between half-crazed zombie-ness. I looked forward to each book as it came out. I had all the first paperbacks of the Scholastic edition (except for the last book which took forever to come out in paperback so I borrowed a copy). They got ratty and eventually browned and had pages coming out with much re-reading.

I never imagined that Harry Potter would end up as it is as we know it now. That baby I held as I read Harry Potter has since grown up and she has read all 7 books, some of them the very same ones I read. She has since gotten her own copies - that impressive chest of hardbounds which we lugged halfway across the world in its own bag (they don't sell this edition here -- they're all UK editions). It is among her prized possessions.

Daughter and I (and hubby too) have watched all the movies. Many times. Harry Potter and its characters have wheedled them into our lives - and we have willingly accepted.

Read on ... and three videos follow!

Daughter loves Dobby. She has picked up British slang ("Don't be a git!"). She has a time-turner. She writes Harry Potter fanfic. She's always thought that ginger people were cool. She knows what Emma Watson wore. She spouts Harry Potter quotes every so often. Daughter's favourite quote:
"Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all those who live without love."
She also pointed out this video with an inside look of the Gringgots break-in. And this video of the rather emotional speeches at the London premiere of The Deathly Hallows Part 2. And I stumbled on this hilarious parody!

Harry Potter movies have come to an end, like all good things. Thank goodness for the amazing author, moviemakers and actors who have made Harry Potter such a wonderful part of our lives!

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