Light reading: a chandelier made from unwanted books

Lula Dot apparently loves light reading (pun, hint hint). This chandelier is made entirely from the pages of old books, which apparently in the UK are quite the headache to recycle: 

More books are printed every year, read and discarded. Even though many are taken to charity shops, they mostly go unsold and the charities have to pay for the books to be sent to landfill. For example 10,000 books a week from one charity will go to waste. There is currently no infrastructure set up to recycle the paper from books because the paper is low grade and the glue on the spine must be removed. 
Amazing book art. Though I would kind of be a little scared that I'd start a small fire. 


  1. This is quite cool, although I'd also worry about starting a fire.... and dusting this would be tricky. But, I like the idea of recycling/repurposing. :)

  2. i never even thought about the dusting :P


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