#BookmarkMonday 34: The men in your life

Did I get you with the title? These are the men in your reading lives! Bliss in a Teacup over at Etsy has come up with these beautifully made bookmarks printed on veneer. Under the "Watchful Eyes" collection ...

... it also features women too! 

Oh, and you can request specific writers if they're not already in this exhaustive list:

Men: Aldous Huxley - Albert Camus - George Orwell - Franz Kafka - Herman Hesse - John Steinbeck - F. Scott Fitzgerald - Mark Twain - H.P. Lovecraft - Edgar Allan Poe - Voltaire - Kurt Vonnegut - William S. Burroughs

Women: Colette - Anais Nin - Simone de Beauvoir - Emma Goldman - Angela Davis - Jane Austen - Mary Shelley - Charlotte Brontë - Margaret Atwood - Sylvia Plath - Dorothy Parker - Katherine Mansfield - Janet Frame - Virginia Woolf


  1. you always post the coolest things haha.
    I have your literary iphone cover page bookmarked because I want the great gatsby one :p
    I wonder if we can request ones of more contemporary authors??

  2. love the men in my life! literally!!!:)

  3. thanks, aspen! :) please take a photo of your iphone great gatsby if you ever end up getting one! i'll scout around whether they (or someone else) offers custom requests!

    lady in read - me too! :)


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