Which Charles Dickens novel should I read this 2012?

I admit I have been remiss in reading Charles Dickens this month (I'm sorry Fig and Thistle). But I figure that since 2012 is the year of his 200th birthday (on February 7, to be exact), then I can very well keep him in TBR this year.!

Check out the short video by BBC and get the quick facts about Dickens. I also haven't yet figured out what Dickens book to read. Any suggestions which to read first?



  1. I myself started with A Tale of Two Cities and it is one of my favourites by Dickens. I also love Great Expectations. But Oliver Twist is the more popular choice. You take your pick. :-)

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I think I am going with Great Expectations as it seems a tad bit appealing to me. Though Oliver Twist - I know I have read (and watched) it before, I'm putting in my TBR too!


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