Floating book fair in the Philippines!

A veritable floating library! The M/V Logos Hope, a non-profit organization based in Germany that operates ships that sail around the world to bring knowledge, help and hope, is currently docked at Pier 15 in Manila’s South Harbor. The ship has over 500,000 books and over 5,000 different titles - go check it out if you're in that part of the world!

The world is a better place because of projects like these. 

Thanks again, Nola, for the heads up!
{Via PhilStar.com.}


  1. i love this!
    any chance you would know when it would float on over to the california side of things? haha i would totally go! :P

    thanks for stopping by the blog aloi! and no! I have not seen Hugo Cabret yet although I've been meaning to. How did you like it?

  2. Very cool. It looks like it's mainly scheduled for Asia. I found their schedule here

    Hugo Cabret. I loved the book, now i LOVE the movie. Pretty amazing how it translates on the screen - the film really captured the spirit of the book. You have got to watch it, Aspen! :)


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