Bookish cupcakes ... pick your title!

  • Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Victoria's Kitchen is cooking up some bookish delights. I see quite a good selection. Choose yours!


  1. Oh my God, these are gorgeous! I don't think I could eat one... okay, who am I kidding, of course I'd eat. But I'd definitely take lots of pictures first! I'll take a Rebecca, and I bet that Twilight one tastes sweet... wonder if it's a Red Velvet?

    1. i almost fainted when i saw these :P i don't think i could bear to eat them, kate. i would probably gawk at it too! no idea what the cupcakes are - hmmm, red velvet yum!

  2. So fabulous and creative! I never thought they were cakes until I saw the titles. Amazing food. I wanna have a taste.

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  3. ooh yum yum I am so hungry for a good read! Awesome. At last,examples of juding a book by its cover

  4. This is awesome, truly! I've had to pin it. :)


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