#BookmarkMonday 59: I Love You

Crochet For The Cause has these adorable crocheted bookmarks. They say I Love You ... in sign language!

Welcome to week 2 of Bookmark Monday!
If you're a reader, you most probably use a bookmark (or some form of a bookmark).
Bookmark Monday is a weekly meme where you can share your favourite bookmarks (owned or not) and post in the Linky below.


  1. Love the bookmarks. I am a crochetoholic too but mainly of cuddly animals. You can look on my craft blog for more info.

    1. Emma, you crochet too? I started with amigurami but aren't they such a hell of lot of work! *scooting over to your craft blog ...*

  2. Those are quite neat. I wouldn't have the skill or the patience for doing something like that!


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