#BookmarkMonday 69: Bacon, yes, BACON!

I've read before that one of the oddest things ever used as a bookmark was bacon. So some really enterprising people have bit the bullet and produced these bacon bookmarks:

This is the real thing - plasticized, but real nonetheless - by FloRoNature.

If the real thing icks you out a bit, you may want to go for the felted variety instead!

Welcome to #BookmarkMonday where booklovers can post photos of their bookmarks, however their weird or wonderful they are! Join in anytime, link up to this post and visit people's bookmarks!


  1. how amusing & odd! lol. love your post. thanks for sharing Aloi.

  2. I just couldn't use this one - I'm a vegetarian! Maybe there's a veggie bacon version :)

    1. you can use the felt version instead! :)


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