Which book clutch do you want?

Look closely at this ad in CR Fashion Book. They look like books, but they're not for reading but to make you look smart. Maybe a pair of glasses would help. I remember noticing this trend with some celebs. Ahh, book clutches! 

But I didn't realize that this trend was uber expensive that you could buy a whole library with the money for that one little clutch. That is, if you want the ones made by Olympia Le-Tan who recreates beloved books with cloth and sometimes elaborate embroidered detail. Wanna guess how much one typically goes for? (The cheapest I could find: €625.00, but they go way up!)

Eenie meenie miny moe -- which book for yo'? More at Olympia Le-Tan's website!
(Yes, that was horrible. Sorry, rhymes aren't my strong point!) 


  1. these are really nice Aloi but they cost not only an arm and a leg but other body parts as well lol.
    these would make great e-reader covers too.


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