#BookmarkMonday 79: Secret Location

Welcome to #BookmarkMonday where bookmarks get a little loving -- anyone can join in anytime. Just have a post with a picture of a bookmark and link up below!

Want a memento to remind you of a special place? First date? Wedding? Or a secret hiding place for something well ... secret? I came across these "secret location" bookmarks made of handstamped leather over at CJohanssen Studio and thought I'd ask you guys what else to use them for (aside from the obvious - as a bookmark!) Now, all you need to figure out is your longitude/latitude, so start channelling your inner geek and find out how to find that out!

Thanks to those who have joined in, or have commented! There are more bookmarks out there waiting to be discovered!

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  1. i like! these bookmarks are keepers and certainly brings out the inner geek in me. lol. thanks for sharing Aloi! have a great week ahead. :)

    1. it kind of brought out the inner geek in me too!

  2. OMG I love it!
    I would love to do one of the waterfall my husband proposed to me at.


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