Guest Post + Easter Giveaway: Liz Fletcher Brown & Full Wattage! Paperback
Spring and Easter is all about new beginnings. So I found it apt to host today's author as a lovely way to reflect on change and pursuing new beginnings.

Liz Fletcher Brown is a fascinating and dynamic person and her enthusiasm for living life with "Full Wattage!" (the title of her book) is both inspiring and contagious!

Liz is also offering two copies of her new book to my readers, so be sure to read through and check out the giveaway at the end of this post.

The dance floor is all yours, Liz!

Dance with Full Wattage!
By Liz Fletcher Brown

My first love was dance. As young as I can remember, I knew I was going to be a professional dancer when I grew up. Shortly after my 21st birthday I left behind my home in Scotland, and everyone I knew to move to New York City, to follow my dream of dancing on Broadway. I had $200 in my pocket, and knew no one in the USA. It was the most exhilarating time of my life!

I've always believed that we each have something unique to share with the world, and when we find and engage those gifts, we will experience the most joy and satisfaction in life. I felt so blessed to not only know that I was born to be a dancer, but to be able to make a good living doing it.

The author,
Liz Fletcher Brown
Even after my professional career ended I continued to take regular dance classes. I was lucky in that I had a wonderful ballet teacher, Mrs. Jamieson. In addition to teaching, a professional class for adults, she was also a faculty member of the dance department at the local university.

Every so often she would invite her students to come and take class with us - the more "seasoned" professionals. I must admit, there was something rather humbling about being reminded of what your body could do when you were 20. But each time I thought my leg could not lift into one more grand battement, Mrs. Jamieson would energize us with a story from her professional career and of the great dancers she had partnered with. Occasionally she would entertain us all by vividly describing her wacky dream from the night before and somehow magically make it relevant to the next plié or pirouette.

But what I admired most about Mrs. Jamieson was her unabashed love of dance and her contagious enthusiasm that touched everyone who walked through the studio door. Her very presence radiated a powerful sense that anything was possible.I learned a lot from Mrs. Jamieson—and not just about ballet. Looking back on her classes now, what stands out the most is when she would say, “Ladies, I don't care how high you lift your leg or how many pirouettes you do. What I do care about is that you dance with Full Wattage!” And dance with Full Wattage we did!

We were radiant, confident, purposeful, joyful, and vitally alive as we fully expressed our unique brilliance to the world. I loved how that felt! I often wondered, what if I could take that feeling that I have when I'm dancing into every area of my life? What would it take to live with Full Wattage?

So that began the exploration for my book. What does it take to lead an engaging and purposeful life worth celebrating? What do you have to do, and what do you have to let go off in order to live with Full Wattage?

And how do you deal with the setbacks and challenges that we all inevitably have to face? I've certainly had to face a few of them myself.

Since beginning this process I have observed and interviewed many people that I consider live with Full Wattage.

In my book, Full Wattage!, I share their secrets as well as my personal insights and revelations.

It's a very interactive book that will help you answer the following questions:
  • What specifically would make your life more meaningful and purposeful?
  • How can you express more of your unique gifts and natural talents in your personal and professional life?
  • How can you build your life around the things that really matter to you?
  • What can you do when you encounter saboteurs along the way?
My hope is that my book will help others to tap into their personal power and brilliance, and to support them in cultivating the skills and confidence to finally go after what they really want... and of course, to live with FULL WATTAGE!

About Liz Fletcher Brown

Originally from Scotland, Liz Fletcher Brown had a successful career as a dancer in New York City, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. (One of her more unusual assignments resulted in her being featured as the first full-sized dancing hologram at Madame Tussaud’s Waxwork Museum in London next to Marie Antoinette and Elvis Presley.)

Liz went on to become a sought-after keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, author and life coach. As a thought leader in the field of personal transformation, she specializes in high energy, motivational, and content-rich presentations.

When she was 21, Liz moved from Scotland to New York City, to a country where she knew no one, to follow her dream of being a professional dancer. As a lifetime entrepreneur, this adventuring spirit continues to motivate her today.

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Synopsis: Have you lost the spark in your career or personal life? Are you feeling bored, restless, burnt out, overwhelmed or stressed? In Full Wattage! Liz Fletcher Brown shares with you practical tools, processes and valuable insights to help you find new meaning and enthusiasm at work and at home. It's your life, so why settle for anything less than being fully, dynamically, and enthusiastically alive? Unlock the secrets to living with Full Wattage! today.

Giveaway Time!
Liz is giving away 2 copies of Full Wattage! -
1 paperback (US/Can) and 1 e-copy (International)
(ends April 5, 2013)

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  6. Yes, after having a MS and BS in my career, I work with a bunch of bureaucrats and I am so burned out at my job that I would like to start out on my own but I need the insurance.

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    Thanks for sharing this with me on goodreads :)


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    Tracy Awalt Juliano

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    1. It was wonderful to have you here Liz! :) Thank you!


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