Uno Kudo Vol. 2: Naked

Synopsis of Uno Kudo: Naked (Volume 2): Uno Kudo is a literary and arts publication that features significant new words and art from a diverse array of contributors, presented in expressive and luscious layouts. The theme for this volume is "Naked" and includes literature from Erin Parker and Raven Kane, art from Kent Williams and Brooke Shaden, and over 40 other writers and artists from around the globe.

My two cents  

This is an absolutely amazing book. It is the product of an art collective and draws in the best of art to explore nakedness. It is all around gorgeous! An initial scan is a delight for the eyes ... so much to take in and see. I found myself gawking at the array of art styles, photography ... and the colours! The art alone makes me a happy camper.

Here's a peek into its pages. Just be warned, once you see this, you may want to get your own copy.

Uno Kudo: Naked (Volume 2)

But this is not one of those books you merely flip through, although to have it on the coffee table would definitely get a few eyebrow raises with its provocative cover! As I settled down to actually start reading the array of poems and short stories, there is definitely more to a book than it's cover (or art). 

Uno Kudo Vol. 2 explores what it means to strip things down to the barest of bones, the crudest of emotions, the simplest of the simple things, and the profoundest of truths. Swinging from the sweet and naive, to the smutty and crude, to the sad and tragic, this exploration may make one feel slightly uncomfortable yet rightly aware of the truth behind these fearless poems and stories and images.

Here are a few snippets and images that most resonated with me:

In the short story "Hallelujah" by Megan Elizabeth Corey, see how it feel to quash the feelings to break away from conformity and expectation; how it feels to have to quash the worldly, bodily urges in a strict Catholic upbringing?

... I confessed to her one day that I was terrified I might have Tourette's, because during service I would frequently restrain  myself from running up the aisle screaming to turn cartwheels, dress over head in front of the alter. Her eyes widened in shocked familiarity as she nodded and told me that sometimes she wanted to yell, "PENIS!" waking everyone up and echoing from the caverns to pause the steady droning of fear.


I found jarring the photography by Photographer Hal (accompanying the sweet love story "Wet Panties" by Christy King). It is pop art lovely yet disturbing with its seran-wrapped and distorted features. 


In the poem "Scenes from a Parallel Universe," Christine Conte opens with:
Will you please stop staring at my brains? 
Yes, I'm aware--painfully aware--of how prominent they are. 

By Natalya Nova

In short story "Carol" by Joe Saldibar, what if you, like Carol suddenly get the urge to not. wear. clothes? Just because you are tired of wearing clothes. Think about it. The simple act of putting something on, with the once simple intent of protecting our bodies from the elements -- how much do we spend, how much do we obsess over what we wear? But on the flip side, if we don't conform, how should we expect others to react? I loved this story as it shows how simple things can become extremely complicated, like many many things in our lives.  

A washed up salesman. A beautiful yet terminally ill woman. In "Room 505" by Gus Sanchez, these two equally lonely and tragic strangers come together one night by chance and end in two totally different realities with the coming of the new day. 

In "Chicken Fricassee" by Marvin Waldman, an elderly gentleman -- forgotten and insignificant in his eyes -- gets a welcome dose of recognition in the most unexpected of places. This short story touched me, reminding me of the inevitability of old age and of our perceived usefulness in this life. 


Verdict: An amazing collection and exploration of what is "Naked" through provocative poems, short stories and imagery. If you LOVE eye candy, have a poet's heart, or just love unpretentious stories, you need to get your own copy!

I am surprised that this book hasn't gotten more reviews on Goodreads. But I am glad that I was approached to review and bring some attention to the wonderful collective from which this was borne. 

Find out more about Uno Kudo here:

I received a copy of this book from the authors (c/o Erin McParland) in exchange for an honest review.

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