#BookmarkMonday (91): Lacy tile

Welcome to Week 5 of #BookmarkMonday, the 2013 edition! 

I came across these bookmarks while lurking around for unique tile designs on Etsy. Yup, as in tiles for the kitchen! Made by Jasmin Blanc Boutique, these ceramic bookmarks have  lovely lace design and just a touch of coloured glass. Pretty!

Bookmarks need a little loving too. Anyone can join in this meme anytime -- just have a post with a picture of a bookmark and link up below. Remember, there are more bookmarks out there waiting to be discovered! (If you want to check out the bookmark collection for 2012, check it out here.) 

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  1. Replies
    1. I'm a little smitten with them myself Juju. I keep thinking they would still look lovely in the kitchen though :)

  2. Nice bookmarks, but they look a little delicate. I'd probably end up breaking them!


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