Kid Lit Giveaway Hop featuring Notti Thistledore's The Chatswood Spooks! (Open INT, ends 5/19)

I just love love LOVE this idea of a blog hop just for Children's Book Week!

I'm joining in Children's Book Week, an annual US celebration of books for young people and the joy of reading. It should be Children's Book Week anywhere, don't you agree? If you want to know more about this, check out the website.

(Note: The poster is illustrated by Brian Selznick, who wrote and illustrated the amazing book The Invention of Hugo Cabret which later on became the Oscar-winning, Martin Scorcese-directed Hugo.)

I'm really excited for this giveaway! Notti Thistledore is offering E-books of her lovely illustrated series about some really funny ghosts, the Chatwood Spooks! They're sure to charm your kids. (Recommended for kids Grades 2-4).

You could win all three e-books and it's open international!

Check out the giveaway after the jump!

A Frightful Recipe 
(The Chatswood Spooks #1)

The Chatswood Spooks are in trouble. If they don't improve their scare tactics they'll have to find somewhere else to haunt. But the spooks have lived their entire afterlives at the Chatswood Manor, and are determined to show just how scary they can be.

Unfortunately, they haven't counted on having to scare Ivan the Fearless...

Sheets and Ladders (The Chatswood Spooks #2)

With his sheets, chains and pet spider, Jingo likes to look the part of the classic ghost. So when someone puts their red knickers in with Jingo's favourite white haunting sheets, Jingo is devastated.

Feeling hurt and unloved, he decides to run away to join the local Carnival. But what Jingo has in spooking skills he lacks in street smarts, and he soon finds himself in trouble...

The Halliday's Maladies (The Chatswood Spooks #3)

Excitement reigns when the famous Halliday ghosts arrive at Chatswood Manor. After all, what better chance for the Chatswood Spooks to learn some new haunting skills?

But star-struck as they are, the spooks can't help but wonder whether the Hallidays are all that they seem...
About Notti Thistledore

Notti Thistledore writes very silly books for young readers. She lives in a rickety old house that may or may not be haunted (she hopes so, because that might increase its value) and which is full of dusty old books and cats and probably termites. She is the author of The Chatswood Spooks series.

1 Winner, 3 E-books The Chatwood Spooks (Books 1-3) 
Please use the Rafflecopter below. Sometimes it takes a while to load, so be patient. (Also ensure that you use an email address that you check regularly
as I will be contacting the winner with that email address)

A Frightful Recipe (The Chatswood Spooks #1):  Paperback | Kindle Edition
Sheets and Ladders (The Chatswood Spooks #2): Paperback | Kindle Edition
The Halliday's Maladies (The Chatswood Spooks #3): PaperbackKindle Edition

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  1. These looking like an adorable read.

  2. A great looking giveaway. I am visiting from the KidlitGH hop. Hope you have a great week

    1. :) thanks for coming by Jambo! your giveaway looks like fun too!

  3. When I was little my very favorite book was 'Ramona Quimby' by Beverly Cleary. I became so obsessed that I named one of my goldfish, Willa Jean after one of the characters. My brother, who was quite a bit older than me (7 years) liked that name, too. He was very artsy and so he painted a barbie doll with all sorts of different colors for an art project. As a joke, he named the barbie doll, Willa Jean. For some reason he thought it would be a good idea to take it with him to music camp that summer. When his cabin mates got wind of the fact that he had a deformed, painted barbie doll sitting on his bed, his name forevermore was Willa Jean. All this because I liked the book 'Ramona Quimby' as a child.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

    1. Beverly Clearly is such an awesome writer! What a cute name for a goldfish! and a painted Barbie doll? you crack me up!

  4. those sound great!

  5. The books look lovely - I adore the illustrations. Good luck with your giveaway :)
    Jemima at the Princelings website

  6. These sound like a lot of fun! I bet my 8-year-old would love them!

  7. These books look lovely. Thanks for a great opportunity to win them!

  8. BOO! NOTTI! These books sounds like they are right up my granddaughter, Kaya's, alley! Would love to win them for her. Thanks so much for sponsoring!

  9. Aloi -:) BEAUTIFUL Books all three:) am going to try to win them - my 7 year old is starting on series and am sure she will grow to love these..
    I have a giveaway over at my blog too so hop on over when you can

  10. Sounds like a great book!! I wish I was a creative thinker and could write books!! :)

    rafflecopter name nicole krutz

  11. I'm always looking for read aloud books for my 6 year old son and 10 year old daughter - tricky because they are different ages and genders. What do you think? Would your books work for us? Thanks for this great giveaway. :)

    1. I think both your kids would have fun with this one, Renee!

  12. Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to reading! =)


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