#BookmarkMonday: Doctor Who?

Welcome to Week 21 of #BookmarkMonday, the 2013 Edition.

Are you a Whovian? Then you already know that it's the 50th year of Doctor Who! Me, being me, I only just found about the whole Doctor Who hullaballoo recently through the daughter. I know that the TARDIS is a time machine in disguise as a phone booth; that the doctor's name isn't Who (so what is it? :)), and that David Tennant, a seeming favourite among Whovians, played the tenth doctor (apparently there are 11 now).

I've also joined in a blog tour for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary collection. You can go check that out here and maybe win a book or two.

So here's a quick round-up of TARDIS-inspired  bookmarks. I've thrown in a video of a very cool light show celebration held recently in Sydney. Ooooooh! Woops ... I meant Whooooo!

Top, L-R:
TARDIS paperclip bookmark with melted clock to boot! // CheekyGeeky*
TARDIS ala Van Gogh's starry starry night // Boho Bear Paper Studio*

Bottom, L-R:
Black and white, vintage-y and hip; my favourite in this lot. // Boho Bear Paper Studio*
TARDIS again, in clean clear stylized art! / LafayetteStGeorge*

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  1. I keep meaning to try Dr. Who. These are totallly fun.

  2. love that bookmark!!! how creative!!

  3. These are awesome! I especially like the Van Gogh one.


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