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This week's question is:
Q: Share something you’ve learned about book blogging or just blogging in general in the last month.

My answer: Don't overcommit. Don't overbook. Don't overread. Take time to smell the roses (books). 

This week's question is:
Were you a born bookworm or somebody got you into the habit of reading?

My answer:
I don't think anyone is a born reader. I grew up among people who enjoyed reading, and there were books around the house. It didn't really take too long for me to understand that reading can be enjoyable! And once I started, I was hooked! 

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  1. Reading is a lovely, lovely thing *.*
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  2. Such good advice. I'm a new blogger and I think I've been way over doing it on all the above fronts. Time to slow down and smell the roses, as you say. Don't want to get burnt out too quickly!

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  3. No truer words ever spoken :) I said something similar myself and now that I've slowed down the pace blogging is SO much more fun.

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    - Allie @ Little Birdie Books

    1. It's meant to be enjoyable so once we start making too many rules ... not a good sign :) Thanks for coming by Allie, always a pleasure having you here!

  4. Great answers. Thanks for sharing :)

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    1. Loved your point about staying clear of the drama over on your blog, shane!

  5. Those people who read really fast don't remember the story... How are you supposed to review??


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  6. Love that answer. Always take time to smell the books :0)

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  7. great answer for sure. I do this for fun, not for a job so I don't want to overdo anything and learn to hate it!!

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  8. I love your Feature & Follow Friday tip :)

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  9. I agree,when I was young I don't want books but when I'm 14 years old I tried reading a book and I enjoyed it,actually I became addicted to it.

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  10. :) I agree. I normally just take my time to enjoy all of the books I read so that way I can give them all equal reviews.

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  11. Blogging is much better when you just take it slow isn't it. It's easy to get caught up and feel like you have to do more. But then it's not fun.

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  12. What sound advice! I spent the first 6 months of my blog over-committing to tours, reviews, and I've spent the remainder of the time trying to catch up.

    I think that reading is something that we're taught. I grew up with a book in hand and two of my siblings are also readers. The other one likes to act, so I guess that's close to reading, right?

    I've made sure that my kid has as much exposure to books as possible. Right now that means reading nothing but books about boats, trains, and cars. I've tried the animal books and sometimes he likes them too, but he LOVES books about cars. So, I'll either turn him into a reader or he'll end up being a mechanic. We'll see, LOL.

  13. That's great advice. I learned the hard way. LOL

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