#BookmarkMonday: The Sci-Fi Edition (3) #RRSciFiMonth

Welcome to Week 42 of #BookmarkMonday, the 2013 Edition. This is the third post of four in celebration of Sci-Fi Week which is hosted by Rinn Reads.

Sci-Fi Month has been wonderful at opening my eyes to the sci-fi genre! Can you imagine my surprise when I realized that Steampunk is a sub-genre of Sci-Fi? The only book I've read that I distinctly remember is His Dark Material trilogy by Philip Pullman! But check out some steampunk-inspired bookmarks!

WhoWhatWitchWares intricate gears on gorgeous soft leather. 

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Clockwork birds handpainted by Hazel Fisher Creations.

I remember featuring these before! These stamped wooden bookmarks by Altered Revelations have such a wonderful old world feel to them. 

I've seen so many variations of this -- actual watch gears in a bookmark. Check this really intricate one by WatchThinkCreate.

... and lastly bejeweled gears stamped on leather by Kindaki Crafts

That's it for this week ... stay tuned for next week's edition! Next week will be the last of the sci-fi edition, for now, but this meme will continue on.

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P.S. I decided to remove the linky as there were sadly, no contributors. 


  1. I'm not so keen on the lime green one at the bottom, but I LOVE the rest! I've just started getting into steampunk to be honest, and I'm finding it to be a wonderful genre =)

  2. These are all so gorgeous! The watch gear one is intense and lovely!


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