Friday 56 & #BookBeginnings: Pocket Forest

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For Book Beginnings:
You need to find a forest. 
I've watched the way you brush your teeth every morning - back molars first, then dipping the brush in fresh paste for the front. Always methodical, counting the strokes. Stop peeling your mandarin oranges in a corkscrew fashion. Put away the planner if you ever hope to capture a golden moment of free time. 
Get to the forest. This is the way. 
- p. 1
For Friday 56:
He had a compass framing his heart - no matter the direction, they'd never get lost in the approaching woods. 
- p. 52 (as this book doesn't have a page 56!)

About Pocket Forest by Kimberly Karalius: Since childhood, Harriet has dreamed of exploring forests with Stig Hemming, the boy lost to her in the frayed bonds of an old family friendship. Years later, in the wake of losing her mother, Harriet finally meets Stig only to discover a frightened young man clawing to regain a life no longer his. The darker parts of the forest beckon, where ghost-dogs patrol a crumbling boarding school and treasure, once lost, must be snatched back with bravery. This contemporary original fairy tale, complete with all the attendant comforts and threats, will pull you into the woodlands of the heart.
I won this in a Goodreads giveaway! So many things about it appealed to me: it's a special edition and  handmade (in fact mine is from the second printing  #36 of 40 copies), and two, what a story! I love fairy tales and I need to find a forest ... probably over this holiday season :) 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Sounds quirky, love it!

    Happy weekend!

  2. well the cover caught my eye immediately. i love the darling graphics and simplistic, clean finish. Harriet was my Nana's name so that brings about a sentimental quality plus i absolutely love the synopsis you've provided. thanks for pointing me in this direction --- fairy tale fan right along with ya!

    wishing you a wondrous holiday, hope it's filled with much goodness and peaceful pleasures. ♥


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