Halloween #BookmarkMonday (41): Kamisabi

Little monster bookmarks called Kamisabi simply looked adorable to me. But wait, there is more to it:  "Kamisabiru is the Japanese term for an item given a second life as a ghost, reflecting the traditional Japanese culture where people take good care of things."

I actually wouldn't mind a second life as a book ghost ;)

This is the last of the special edition #BookmarkMonday especially for the Halloween Blog Bash. Till next year for more Halloween-themed bookmarks. Next week kicks off a month of science fiction themed bookmarks for Sci-Fi November!

Got a bookmark to share? Please leave a message below so I can check out your bookmark! If you'd like to post on the #BookmarkMonday Pinterest Board, shoot me an email at readerrabbit22 at gmail.com and I'll add you! I'll add all your bookmarks to this board.


  1. These are great bookmarks and I liked the idea and meaning behind them. My Halloween themed bookmark post is HERE.

    1. I thought it was a nice little twist on the ghost-monster theme -- who knew? Thanks as always for joining in, William!

  2. haha, I wouldn't mind being a second life of being a book ghost either :D


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