Sundays at Guiltless Reading (23)

Happy (cold) Sunday!

I'm still in a bit of a flurry here, but it's been a good, busy week on the blog. Has it turned winter in your part of the world? I'm always cold, so I'm bundling up a lot more these days!

So here's what I've been up to ...

It's the second week of #BookmarkMonday and Sci-Fi November and Mr. Roboto just had to make an appearance ...

NonFiction November does Foodies! I decided to be the expert and ask the expert for some foodie reads. Like that amazing bread book you see ... I highly recommend it!

I had a blast having author Elisa DeCarlo over. She loves fashion ... and she loved the research she put into her novel The Abortionist's Daughter.

Looking to read more sci-fi? Did you know that dystopian lit falls into this genre? In my post I do a quick Dystopian Reading Round-Up of some books I've read and reviewed on the blog!

Book Review & Giveaways!

Science Fiction is sort-of-taking-over, in a good way! I have two books to giveaway that are sci-fi'y but completely different!

A man who regenerates body parts? I had the weirdly wonderful time with this unusual book The Heart Does Not Grow Back by Fred Venturini. When you think you've read the weirdest book, I urge you to pick this up. Loved this book and highly recommend to anyone looking for a dose of heart in their sci-fi reading.

Don't forget to join the giveaway! (US/Can)

Zimbabwe’s last hangman retired in 2004 and they're looking for The Hangman's Replacement. Here's another unusual book up for grabs and the giveaway is open worldwide! (5 paperbacks & 5 ebooks)

Anything catch your eye in my week? What are you up to? Do tell!

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  1. The Bread Baker's Apprentice looks so good. I love making bread.

    Pretty cool bookmark.

    I don't like sci-fi, but I enjoyed your bit of trivia.

    ENJOY this week of reading.


  2. The Bread Baker's Apprentice definitely has me curious! I love making bread and have kind of gotten out of the habit of it lately. I definitely find myself missing it! Enjoy your week and the rest of Sci-Fi and Nonfiction November! I definitely look forward to seeing more of what you're reading!

  3. Sending you warmth from my part of the world :) The Bread Baker's Apprentice looks really cool ♥

    Here's mine:


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