Guest Post + #Giveaway: @NoBentSpines: In Which I Talk About Why Books With Swoons Deserve Scrubs

Welcome to Guiltless Reading's feature, Handcrafted Bookishness! This new series pays homage to the creators of bookish handcrafted goods and their handiwork.

For the second post in this series, I'm featuring fellow book blogger Jackie of No Bent Spines. I chanced upon one of her tweets showing off one of her homemade scrubs ... book-themed of course! Hey, I want to know how to make that ... so I invited her her over for a chat and an easy-to-follow tutorial!

Now don't forget to join her giveaway of one her bookish scrubs! (US only).

Over to you, Jackie!

In Which I Talk About Why Books With Swoons Deserve Scrubs 

by Jackie, No Bent Spines

Would it be strange to say that I started making book-themed sugar scrubs after my sister became obsessed with making oh-so-very-cute bows? I mean, I made sugar scrubs before but they were theme-less. They were whatever I found in the pantry (positively killer green tea and olive oil scrubs, coffee and brown sugar scrubs) that sounded like they would work together. The coffee scrub has become a trademark gift I give to people: family, friends, strangers who happen to make eye contact. Just kidding! I don’t carry extra scrub in my purse to give to the strangers. Though, wouldn’t that be so much fun?

With sugar scrubs, there is a basic ratio that I always follow. That being a 1:3 ratio. Oil-to-sugar. Also a big ol’ scoop of excitement. Everyone needs a little bit of that in their lives, don’t you think? So say you are working on this totally yummy scrub but can’t remember the recipe and the internet is down or your phone is dead. For every cup of sugar you use, use a third cup of an oil. The most common oil to use is coconut oil, but I don’t really ever use just one oil. Why? First off, where’s the fun in that? I like experimenting with things: What makes my skin softest? What properties does oil number one have that oil number two doesn’t? Yes, I do like science.

Unmasking Juliet
by Teri Wilson
Fun fact: coffee grounds in sugar scrubs have anti-aging properties. Temporarily, of course. But it reduces the appearance of cellulite. That does not mean scrub harder, y’all. Scrubbing too enthusiastically does more harm that good. So don’t do that. It shouldn’t hurt, but it should exfoliate.

So, lovely readers, where did the books come into play? First off, I have a blog where I rant about books and their beauty. So *chuckles* turning my favorite books (like Unmasking Juliet, Crush, A Little Something Different, The Artisans) into swoon/ drool-worthy scrubs seemed natural.

In Unmasking Julieta modern re-telling of Romeo and Juliet where instead of high-ranking families divided, it’s two chocolate companiesthe main scent of the book is chocolate. This is my most recent creation. It's this perfect combo of chocolate and coffee and vanilla and sandalwood. Oh my god, y’all. It’s literally the best thing ever. I wish I could throw it people’s bags just because it’s that yummy.

A Little Something Different
by Sandy Hall
The sugar scrub for A Little Something Different is this lemon and pomegranate mixture. Because today is just a day of giving I’ll even give you the recipe I created for it. Okay, this makes a 4-ounce sample of the scrub, and it’s by far the simplest scrub I have ever made:

3 tablespoons of white sugar
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
3 drops of lemon extract
1 pomegranate + Acai tea bag

Basically just mix it all together. With the tea bag, don’t soak it or anything. You just CUT (don’t rip, tea leaves and dried fruit will fly everywhere and make a ginormous mess…what? I speak from experience) the bag open and dump it in with the rest of the good stuff. Mix it all up until everything is pretty evenly distributed. It should look something like the pictures below.

If you decide to try it, I hope you love it!

Loving Mr. Daniels
by Brittainy C. Cherry
Some scrubs that are currently being modified and invented are for the books Blood and Salt (which by the way, creep-tastic and totally romantic - I’m thinking cinnamon and something) then for the novel where a minor character destroyed my sanity, Loving Mr. Daniels. Such a fantastic New Adult novel, y’all. So good. I want to do a cherry and citrus thing for that book. Mmm. Possibilities. I’ll get the ratios and extracts worked out later. *slightly diabolical laughter*

I create sugar scrubs named after books and scrubs where books are my muses because I like (love) books. I like words and quotes and swoons. And isn’t it kind of amazing to have a rather perfect scrub or smell that reminds you of that book that brought on all the feels? I think so. *shrugs* It sort of seems like a logical progression to me.


Anyways, I’m also giving away a scrub of the winner’s choice to one person from the United States.

The choices are:
Unmasking Juliet (choco, coffee, musky)
The Artisans (peachy, minty)

It will be a 4-ounce sample of the scrub. My sister will make a bow to send with it. Her starting the bookish-scrub idea and all. Seems fitting.

Just leave your answer in the comments section to this question:
(Winner will be chosen based on answer, please use Promosimple to enter your mailing address)

Suggest a book and a scent for a new No Bent Spines scrub. Explain why you associate that scent with the book.  

Connect with Jackie!

Twitter: @NoBentSpines 

Images provided by Jackie of No Bent Spines
Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post.

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