It's almost Fall #Bloggiesta time!

Need some inspiration? Get inspired by fellow book bloggers cleaning up their blogs and their to-do lists... you're not alone. Check out this link if you want to sign up!

I'm hosting a mini challenge + giveaway!

Yes, I am! And I'm stoked. If you use Gmail, my post and mini challenge will help you get all sorted out and maybe even achieve Inbox Zero. Believe me, I know what it's like to wallow in the morass of email (ok, I exaggerate, but only slightly).

Anyone who's up for the challenge can also enter for the giveaway for up to $10 worth of goodies at Luvly Marketplace. Blog templates, social media icons, wallpapers, graphics, vectors, there's tons to choose from! Check out some of their freebies here.

Hopefully, a clean mailbox and a chance for some digital pretties is incentive enough for bloggers to get #bloggiesta-ing!

My goals for Fall Bloggiesta

I've developed my own Masterlist and, as usual for each Bloggiesta, I try to knock as much of the general housekeeping items off.

What I'd like to focus on though is to interact with more of you lovelies. So I'll be paying special attention to leaving comments in your blogs!

See you all on September 17! Remember: good luck, have fun, and be kind to yourself! 

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