#TTWIBRAT: Eat like a Bogorite (or a trip down memory lane on eating in Indonesia)

Travel the World in Books Readathon, October 18-31, 2015. Daily discussion topics to get you talking about your favorite world books, authors, genres and places to visit.

All about food! Tell us your favorite international food to eat, favorite recipes or cookbooks, or your favorite fiction or nonfiction featuring food from around the world.

Oh my. This is probably one of my favourite topics (well, aside from books)! I may not be blogging about food but I remain a foodie. I don't think anyone can really stop being one! (If you get a chance, pop over to my now defunct blog aloimeansyummy.blogspot.com).

I love to eat so it's tough for me to decide what my favourite cuisine is -- that's like asking me to eat only one dish for my entire life. But let me tell you about one of my work trips to Bogor, Indonesia years ago that enamoured me to Indonesian cuisine. I've linked the photos up to my blog posts if you want to read more about the food and Bogor.

Kambing (goat) satay. Oh YUM. Eat like a Bogorite (1)

My "cool"-leagues :) Eat Like  Bogorite 2

Ahhh .. it's KuFC! Eat Like a Bogorite 3
Can I get a teh-botol with my ketoprak? Eat Like a Bogorite 4

A traditional Padang meal! Balancing act included! Eat Like a Bogorite 5

Rujak, a delish fruit snack! Eat like a Bogorite 6.
Where I bought my dodol. Eat like a Bogorite 7

Thanks so much for joining me in my little trip down memory lane. I have a horrendous craving now for satay.

I have some foodie reads listed here, if you'd rather look at book covers than food! Yeah, those are cool too ;)

Image courtesy of potowizard at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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