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I hope you're enjoying the holiday season surrounded by family, friends, great food, plenty of conversation, and just kicking back and relaxing!

I've been pondering my reading year since I refuse to stress myself right now (despite a few book reviews still calling my name!). Overall, it's been a much slower year for me on the reading front. I've curbed my desire to jump at every single reading challenge, book for review, or tour to join in. I admittedly regret saying "no" to some, but hey, something gotta give when you only have 24 hours in a day!

Despite scaling back, I actually feel better about my blogging... probably because I actually had time to decide what I really wanted to read (there are a few exceptions), and time to absorb and ponder upon what I was reading. When did book blogging become so freaking stressful? (Hypothetical question, yo.)

Anyway, before I go off the rails, this post is about me feeling the need to reread certain books. In the course of the year, I've realized that I have read a lot. There are some favourites, some books I probably didn't give enough time to savour, and a few duds naturally.

Then there are books that I want to reread. Why? It depends. Here's my list for today and reasons for wanting to reread:

Every single Harry Potter book. Because.

His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman. Another of my faves. Because.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was read sometime in 2013 because I'd finally decided to include it in one of my challenges. I was still on my reading rampage at the time and I remember enjoying it, leaving it unreviewed ... and now, not remembering much after.

A Man Who Came Out of the Mountain by Adrianne Arun was given to me for review but I remember being in a bit of a reading funk when I first read it, hence, my rather depressing review. The atmosphere and the interwoven folklore intrigue me and I'll likely pay better attention in a reread.

I am planning on going through my old reads but these seem to call out to me right now. Now ... now I need to find my copies!

So, tell me, do you have any old reads that you feel the urge to reread. Will these books make it into your 2016 TBRs or will you get to them "eventually"? Let me know in the comments or tweet @guiltlessreader using the hashtag #needtoreread.

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