Time to #readmyowndamnbooks in 2016. And I'm doubling up with #ReadNobels & #TraveltheWorldinBooks

When I came across Estella's Revenge's post about her desire to start reading her own damn books, I thought "I need to do that." Too many damn books getting unread around here. And my real TBR is growing to crazy proportions. I can't bear to count them all (and I may not ever do it), but if the picture above is any indication of how bad things are getting - 4 are unread and 2 remain unreviewed -  well, then I better read my own damn books, right?

Go read your own damn books.. sign up at Estella's Revenge.

In 2015 I already decided to slow down. In 2016 I'll be even pickier. Here are some books I want to read and they are just there, taunting me no end:

Doubling up for my Read the Nobels 2016 Challenge as well as Travel the World in Books (my, I'm efficient!):

Nobel Prize for Literature Laureate, 1982
Travel the World in Books: Colombia

I read this over a decade ago and think its high time for a reread. I was able to Bookmooch this copy a few years ago because it's the Vintage cover I'm collecting for GGM's books... but it remains unread. The spine needs cracking :) I've read a few GGMs already and reviewed some of them like this and this. I enjoy Marquez's magical realism and this love story remains pretty amazing in my memory.

The Harafish by Naguib Mahfouz (linked to my Friday 56 post)
Nobel Prize for Literature Laureate, 1988
Travel the World in Books: Egypt

I got this book at a fundraiser and I flipped through it once or twice. I've never read anything set in Egypt and Mahfouz's The Cairo Trilogy looks into a family history spanning three generations. I also remember enjoying the movie Midaq Alley which was based on Mahfouz's book by the same name.

Caine by José Saramago (linked to my Friday 56 post)
Nobel Prize for Literature Laureate, 1998
Travel the World in Books: N/A

This takes places in an alternate history so it probably won't qualify for Travel the World in Books. I've read four of Saramago's books, translated from Portuguese, and loved each one. I actually have read this but couldn't review it since it blew me mind! So here's hoping with a reread, I can actually get a review up this year.

The View from Castle Rock by Alice Munro (Book Depository affiliate link)
Nobel Prize for Literature Laureate, 2013
Travel the World in Books: Canada

I received a copy of this book from a friend when I moved to Canada and had it in my carry-on in the plane ride over. I vaguely remember reading it but remember nothing about the story. I think I read bits and pieces and never really got into it. Or maybe it was just excitement and tiredness kicking in?

Snow by Orhan Pamuk (Book Depository affiliate link)
Nobel Prize for Literature Laureate, 2006
Travel the World in Books: Turkey

I recently got a copy from a friend. Having enjoyed Pamuk's The Black Book which explores self-identity, I think I'm ready for another.

This is just a smattering of books I have. If actually get the courage to go through my stacks and start up a reading list, I know that I'll easily make my goal of 25 books for the year! Pretty scary how easy it is to hoard! Onwards ... (reading, and hoarding, if you can admit it!)

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