Spring #Bloggiesta wrap up! + the #WINNER of @luvlymarket giveaway!

As always, I can never believe it when Bloggiesta rolls to a close. My week did not go as planned and so I didn't get much done. But I've always been kind to myself as life tends to happen ;)

I also encountered some issues with Disqus, my commenting system. While the commenting interface was visible, all my comments had disappeared! I semi-panicked but eventually got things working again. Now experiencing this has raised some red flags in my mind, so I will need to look into this further.

... and the winner is ...

First off, let me thank everyone who join in the mini challenge I hosted, I Need/Can Help Mini Challenge. There were 4 people who asked for help (and one of them was me) so I was a little disappointed that not very many people decided to participate. This was a bit of an experiment to begin with so I'm not sure how this can be tweaked for the next time (or if there ever is one).

However, despite the few participants asking for help, there were tons of you who hopped around to give advice. Thank you to all the advice-givers! You rocked our blogs!

For example, my own cry of help "I need help with my email subscription" gave me some extremely valuable information. I got a great response which will feed into (or confirmed) some of my decisions on what I want to do next!

... and now, let's get to the winner:

Congrats, Perusing Princesses, you won this amazing Spring Mega-Bundle from Luvly.co.*

Here's what I did get done during my Bloggiesta week:

Regular clean-up

✔ Back up my blog. Done. I also backed-up Read the Nobels. As always I backed up everything on Google Drive.

✔ Back up my template. Yup. Just do this in tandem with above = peace of mind.

Get up-to-date with my reviews. Not this time. 

Update my Book Map with old and recent reads. Nope.

Clean up wonky posts. Nope. Although I do this on a regular basis anyway when I do see something.

Read new Bloggiesta posts.

✔ Join mini challenges that I think are fun and useful.

I am lumping this and the previous bullet together. I didn't get through very many this Bloggiesta posts or challenges, unfortunately. Although I encountered are quite a few new bloggers out there and I love discovering them through Bloggiesta!
  • I am now part of a Blogging Mastermind Group (courtesy of Stacy at a Novel Life)! I'm pretty excited about this one!
  • I learned about Litsy through Jenni at Jenni Elyse. Problem is I'm not a mobile phone user so I sigh a little when a new apps come out.
  • I found out about Libib through Katrina at Bookish Things and More. I am considering bringing in my Goodreads lists here since Libib libraries can also be created for music and movies! One place for everything!

More ...

✔ Host a mini-challenge. Done.

✔ Host a giveaway
. Done.

Check out the Twitter feed for #bloggiesta and participate in at least one Twitter chat.
I was able to join one chat and thoroughly enjoyed it! I think I am finally getting the hang of it!

So tell me ... how was your Bloggiesta? Are you looking forward to the next one?

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