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Holy smokes, it's almost the middle of 2016! I'm very happy with my discovery for June'sRead the Nobels freebie wallpaper calendar. If it's the first time you're hearing about this, these calendar wallpapers are a fun monthly project I cooked up for myself and is a sneaky way of promoting the Read the Nobels Reading Challenge for 2016. I select an author who has won the Nobel Prize Literature, a book cover, and a quote.

About Elfriede Jelinek

Elfreide Jelinek, 2004
Elfriede Jelinek, from Austria, won the Nobel Prize in Literature 2004 "for her musical flow of voices and counter-voices in novels and plays that with extraordinary linguistic zeal reveal the absurdity of society's clichés and their subjugating power"(

I was quite drawn in by the fact that Jelinek is polarizing with her work which explores the themes of sexuality, sexual abuse, and powerplay of the sexes. One of her most popular works, Die Klavierspielerin (The Piano Teacher*), the featured book in this month's wallpaper, showcases this quite well. See the synopsis here:

The Piano Teacher* is a searing portrait of a woman bound between a repressive society and her darkest desires. Erika Kohut is a piano teacher at the prestigious and formal Vienna Conservatory, who still lives with her domineering and possessive mother. Her life appears boring, but Erika, a quiet thirty-eight-year-old, secretly visits Turkish peep shows at night and watched sadomasochistic films. Meanwhile, a handsome, self-absorbed, seventeen-year-old student has become enamored with Erika and sets out to seduce her. She resists him at first but then the dark passions roiling under the piano teacher s subdued exterior explode in a release of perversity, violence, and degradation."

The 2001 movie by Austrian director Michael Haneke, The Piano Teacher (movie), was based on Jelinek's book. It won numerous awards in the 2001 Cannes Film Festival including the Grand Prix, best actress and best actor.

I have not read any of Jelinek's work but am sufficiently intrigued based on this one book.

Would you consider reading Elfriede Jelinek?

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