How I #KonMari-ed my TBR (or I am holding out for gourmet donuts)

  • Saturday, May 21, 2016

I've made a fascinating correlation between my eating and reading. 

I've realized that I've been holding out for the gourmet donut rather than any old, regular, run-of-the-mill donut. I'd rather wait for some amazing limoncello gelato in its teeny cup than a humungous tub of the cheap store brand. Or that high grade (and expensive, eep) dark chocolate rather than cave in to a sugar-laden chocolate bar that usually makes it in our Halloween stash.

You get the picture. I've been eating more intentionally. I think I've been reading more intentionally lately too.

I admit that I'm a book hoarder. When I first started blogging about books, I accepted most books for review. To the point of exhaustion. I hung on to books for years -- books that I never cracked open. I have maybe less than a hundred books right now, many of which are old favourites I've re-re-read, or are on my current TBR. So I've been keeping and picking up the books I really want to read as opposed to reading just whatever I happen to get all giddy about for the moment -- not that the two are mutually exclusive.

Before you all think I'm a book snob, let me say, no I am not! I'm simply culling the physical To-Be-Read pile and removing anything that I have in the house that I never get around to reading for whatever reason.

Here's what I did: I used the Konmari method. 
I pick up the physical book, I ask myself: "Does this spark joy in me ... RIGHT NOW?" If the very feel of the book makes me go "yay" inside, I hang on to it.  Simple as heck.

Now I have a nice collection of books - read, unread - that I am dropping off at the thrift store. I've also got a few earmarked for people I know want to read the book/s! Win-win: a manageable number of select books in the house and happy friends.

Have you done any Spring cleaning?

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