Current status: #BloggersBlock (and some quick updates + I've been living loud on #Instagram!)

  • Thursday, January 12, 2017

So guys, I am in a bit of a slump here on the blog. It's been quiet, I know. I have allowed myself to get busy in other things and the blog has borne the brunt. 

But ... I am loving it! Really quickly this is what I have done in the past month I've been quiet here. 

I've been living loud on Instagram!

Follow me @guiltlessreader for all the bookish stuff and more. And I mean lots more. Take a peek.

I've gotten into a serious books and socks obsession:

I've also traveled some and Washington DC led me the Library of Congress, oh but of course. Highlights were the beautiful architecture, the gorgeous ceilings, Thomas Jefferson's library, and the overview of the Main reading Room. Gasp. (I didn't put all the photos - just go visit Instagram to see them all).

I got a stiff neck just looking up all the time. Can you blame me?

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So while I am still getting my act together on this blog, you at least know that I am still reading... and that I am still enjoying the high of my recent travels and the discovery of my old love, photography.

More soon, promise!

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