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I gave you three reasons I love old books and it got me thinking: where the heck do we find these treasures? My go to is the local thrift store and I naturally look up books at garage sales. Online, there are tons of sources too!

By far one of my faves is Etsy. I've become quite the troll on Etsy that I've discovered so many amazing booksellers that specialize in vintage and antique books. I've picked out a few of their offerings that made me drool ... and I know you'll probably join me in the "wanting."

If you have any other resources, pray, do tell!

Book Bugs

Visit Book Bugs* online | based in the UK

This bookstore sells "books that spark memories" and not surprisingly specializes in vintage and antique children's books. There are some great classic hardcovers too!

My pick: Happy birthday With Ant and Bee by Angela Banner*
Before you balk at the price tag, remember that this is a first edition (1964) of the popular UK series Ant and Bee. Obviously not to be handed to a toddler ... just a nostalgic toddler at heart! 

Eclectic Bookstore

Visit Eclectic Bookstore* online | Based in the US

As per its name, this bookseller has a wide selection of vintage paperbacks and hardcovers, TV tie-ins, aviation and war books, and children's books ... over 500+ of them!

I have my eyes open for Nobel Prize winners because of the Read the Nobel 2016 Challenge. This is a rare reprinting of an article by Ernest Hemingway that appeared in 1923 book form.

Setin Stein Workshop

Visit Setin Stein Workshop* online | Based in Canada

This offers both vintage books and clothing! What makes this seller stand out is its selection of vintage folklore and children's books.

What a gorgeous book! This features stories of teachings by Nokomis, an Ojibway word that translates to "grandmother." Being based in Canada myself, I have a profound appreciation for the many First Nations stories that passed down orally through the generations. This collection is illustrated by famous Canadian First Nations artist, Francis Kagige.

I've always loved illustrated fairytales and this book promises to deliver both with aplomb! The illustrator is Finnish Kaarina Kaila. 

Books with Age

Visit Books with Age* online |  Based in the US

A very wide selection of vintage and antique and the prices are extremely affordable. Children's books are around $4, and majority of books are in $10-30 range.

I've always loved Reader's Digest and remember borrowing compilations like this from my grandparents' stash as a child! This one brings back those memories!

I'll be on the look out for more stores. Help me out?

Have any recommendations? Leave me a comment!

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