Etsy Booksellers ... for those who love old books! (Part 2)

This is part 2, so if you missed part 1, check it out here!

I gave you three reasons I love old books and one of my fave sources is Etsy. Here are a few more booksellers that specialize in vintage and antique books. I've picked out a few of their offerings:

Infinite Books

Visit Infinite Books* online | based in the UK

This bookstore is a surprisingly - even shockingly - super affordable source of bundled vintage books. The bundles are varied and of wonderful quality. 

My pick: Set of 50 vintage Penguin paperbacks (CA$23.87)*
If you're a Penguin fan, you're probably going slightly crazy right now with this lot ... right? I couldn't believe the price for the 50 books!

You know I'm a crazy Christie fan. Are you? Looky, looky, looky. 

The Famous Five by Enid Blyton will remind you of the adventures of your childhood! These first edition hardbacks come with their dustjackets. Oh Enid, I have missed you so!

Amy's Books and Ephemera

Visit Amy's Books and Ephemera* online | Based in the US

Such an amazing collection of vintage books spanning literature, children's, biography, history! There a number of hard-to-finds, and if you're on the look out for something extra unique that's non-book, you can also get vintage flash cards, books prints, colouring books, and more!

This ex-library book 338171, TE Lawrence of Arabia by Victoria Ocampo. Translated by David Garnett . "Victoria Ocampo has given the most profound and the best-balanced of all portraits of my brother." --from the introduction by Professor A. W. Lawrence. 128 pages. Copyright 1963.
Setin Stein Workshop

I love elephants and I had to include this vintage print from a German fairy tale book, which surprisingly features an elephant!

Eager for Word

Visit Eager for Word* online | Based in the UK

Got super-excited with the selection in this bookseller's stash -- there are a plenty of beautifully bound classics and some unusual books that would look great on my shelf. And not just just vintage but even some antique books! Just looking at most of them ... art!

Faux leather, beautiful embossing on a 1970s edition of Frankenstein. If this classic looks lonely, look up similarly beautiful vintage editions of Austen's Pride and Prejudice* (1960s, $51), Sense and Sensibility* (1970s, $30) ... or more ...

A 1900s Edwardian vintage book, this copy really appeals because of it's gilt text. Click on the link to crack it open and ooh and ahh over the illustrations! Can't really go wrong with the author of The Secret Garden.

The beloved bear in its 1940s vintage illustrated glory ... yes please!

Any other store you know of? Sound off in the comments!

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