Make your own #BookMap Mini Challenge! @Bloggiesta (reprised)

  • Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Book maps are such an easy way to keep track of reads! Take a look at my book map (which I absolutely love to just browse and click around):

My book map features books I've read based on setting (with their covers, of course!) and whether it's fiction (red) or non-fiction (green) and Nobel Prize winners (red star). I've also separated them out by the year I read them.

Ready to make your own?

This Bloggiesta, make your own book map! This tutorial comes in two parts. Block off a few hours of time and you can come up with a basic book map with Google Maps.

Plan and create your book map
Start mapping your reads

Tweak your book map
Embed your book map on your blog

Already have a map?

Then it's time to update! Get caught up in mapping your reads. Or maybe consider adding another dimension to your map -- adding by author country, or categorizing by fiction/non-fiction with the icons. Oh, the possibilities!

Need some inspiration?

This is an old challenge, reprised, and so inspiration abounds within the community:

  • Check out Travel the World in Books readathon participants' maps in THIS POST.
  • This was a Bloggiesta Mini Challenge in 2014. Check out THIS POST.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to post them in the comments below as there are quite a number of us who've done this already and we can figure things out pretty quickly!

Link up!

Officially join in this mini challenge and show off your book maps to others. Simply link up your book map below at the end of Bloggiesta! Sorry folks but no prizes for this challenge. Let's simply help each other out -- wonderful prize in itself :)

Happy mapping! Ole!

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