Pottermore: Let your wand choose you!

I thought I might need to wait until Pottermore actually went live before I could get in. What's the point of being a beta tester then? But after all the drama and finally, finally becoming a beta tester (see herehere and here), I get the email that says ... yes, come on in. 

So far, I am loving it. JK Rowling has injected some new material, and even more interesting for me, are her backstories of things - how she decided to name characters, characters' love stories (e.g., how Petunia and Vernon met), how she felt and how she wrote. It makes me feel like I am having a conversation with her! She is such a lovely and creative woman! 

The daughter is adamant I don't spoil the experience for anyone else, but let me just say that the hype is true. If you loved reading the books, Pottermore feels like the ultimate gift. The books and Pottermore go hand-in-hand - yes, you can simply appreciate the books, but Pottermore will help you appreciate them even more. 

I am still in Book 1, Chapter 5, but I have gotten to the point where I can buy my wand. The first shot up at the top shows some of the different questions Ollivander asks you so that "the wand chooses you!"  And looky below what I have: 

I must admit, I come across as an emotional wreck, but JK Rowling's wand selector is a masterpiece in psychology in my case. My wand chose me!

(Note: If you're on Pottermore and need some friends, please add me: FeatherGalleon147.)

I look forward to hearing more about your Pottermore experience!


  1. kristin - what do you mean? to join pottermore is free! to buy your wand, you use pottermore pretend money.


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