Bringing banned books to you, on matchboxes and more!

A matchbox set, complete with its own little hardbound box.
Features beloved banned books: Slaughterhouse-Five, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Black Beauty, Song of Solomon ... and wait for it ... Fahrenheit 451. 
{Available via Portersquare Books}
A typography project by Jordan Kay, featuring three banned books on some great looking book jackets. I wouldn't mind this being turned into something sold in stores. Not at all!

Dominoes become great fridge magnets, all the better to feature your banned books!

Scrabble pieces fashioned into bracelets featuring banned book covers by pawsintime. Note: you can ask for a customized bracelet ... so start picking out what banned books you've read!

Banned books-inspired home decor by Around the Block - would look great on your personal library wall! Pick from Lord of The Rings or Fahrenheit 451.


  1. My only problem with the matches is that, if I buy them, then I wouldn't use them!
    I love the bracelet. Amazing you find these bookish things.

  2. These are really awesome! Love the Fahrenheit 451 matchbook!


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